New Hope Church is a church focused on outreach


At New Hope, you will have the opportunity to use the various gifts the Lord gives to reach out to our community.  While we concentrate on our worship and discipleship as we gather together, we also focus on the numerous needs for Jesus in our Cities.  We recognize that not everyone who needs the Lord will find their way to a church service first, but will need the Church to make their way outside the walls of local worship.  We will seek the Lord to have a Holy Spirit led outreach like the New Testament shows. 



Kansas City


Kansas City is the center of our urban life.  It’s a city that nearly 500,000 people call home.  It has great barbecue, beautiful fountains, and much history in the arts and sports.  It is a city however, like so many, where the Spirit-filled Church has become far too insignificant.  With the Lord’s help, we will reach out to the many facets of cultural and economic variety and truly make an impact for Jesus. 

Blue Springs


Blue Springs is home to just over 50,000 people.  It ranks in Money Magazines top 100 places to live, and it’s an absolutely beautiful area.  While there is much focus on the schools, and on community outreach, the true Holy Spirit led outreach of evangelism is far too small a part of the daily life of this community.  As the center of our hub of ministry, Blue Springs will be a constant priority for our outreach ministry.

Lee's Summit.jpg

Lee's Summit


Lee’s Summit has grown to roughly 95,000 people, making it the sixth largest city in Missouri.  While the focus is heavily on the schools and their many activities, there is a great need to minister and help people to see their need to prioritize things according to spiritual truth.  While there are several dynamic churches reaching out to the community, the ever increasing population makes this an area of continued need for evangelism. 



Independence is known as the “Queen City of the Trails” because of its history as the starting point of the California, Oregon, and Santa Fe trails.  As a home to nearly 120,000 people, it is a community that is in desperate need of a dynamic Spirit Filled ministry.   It is viewed by New Hope as a “Sister City” to Blue Springs, as our focus for outreach.

Community is at the heart of New Hope Church


Since New Hope Church is following the New Testament pattern of ministry “outside the church walls”, the community is of utmost importance.  We value a church that interacts and encourages one another throughout the week, and not just on Sunday mornings.  We also do our best to let our community know of the love, power, and saving grace of Jesus.  Our online communication platform further gives our members the ability to communicate, encourage, and invest in their fellow members, and in our community.